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Sesiones Metabólicas / Un Paisaje is my first solo exhibition and takes place at the Instituto Cervantes in Munich. Curated by Yara Sonseca.

The intervention designed specifically by Eduardo Palomares for the Metabolic Sessions series creates an imaginary landscape in which time and space collide. Mud brought from the Isar, branches and wood from its banks redraw the spaces, while mounds of salt from the Alps crystallize and the salty waters of the Mediterranean and the Cantabrian Sea are distributed in containers cooked with local soils. These natural elements, essentially connected but geographically distant, coexist in a metaphor about the emotional adaptation required to inhabit a social context different from the one of origin. And they form the landscape of rain-balconies, salt walls, handrail-paths and nest-networks whose porosity alludes to the porosity of any multicultural meeting place. This sort of constructed landscape celebrates the permanent mutability of nature and is an invitation to appreciate it from a romantic perspective. Texts Yara Sonseca.

ventana verde abierta.jpg
ventana verde.jpg
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