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Touch the picture to whatch video

Touching, the most present of acts. Touching connects us with what surrounds us, makes real what we look at, and changes what we touch. How do we relate to technology? What bodily dialogue do we create with it? Touch has defined our most everyday relationship with technology, touch screens, our fingerprint reader in cell phones, the keyboard we press to write... All intuitive actions that are lost in milliseconds and abandon the consciousness of what we do to be faster and faster, so really as the vast majority of technological advances seeks use of time fast and without full consciousness, creating hypnotic patterns that are far from the understanding of presence. 

In touching, I explore presence and consciousness in our communication with new technologies. 
The time we perceive through and with technology. Drawing an analogy between the constant change in nature and the elements that modify it. Like the water of a river that erodes the rocks with its touch, my hands erode a fraction of what I touch, being part of the constant and eternal change of nature. The stones that I touch are stored in different videos recorded with my mobile phone, opening a timeless portal between the past, the present, and the future, where the act of touching the stones in those seconds remains as an infinitely small fraction in the time that water has eroded those same stones. 

These videos are trapped in the hypnotic movement of the screen, poetizing the past movement of the water on the stones that I collected in the Isar River. 

A circular conversation between elements, time, and presence.

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