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Like a Rolling Stone. Several days, several hours in one place. A river over 1400 meters high in the Austrian Alps moves tons of rocks that start their way down to the valley. At the top, a series of actions arise where my body adapts, moves, and meets the stones carried by the water.
A human body, watery, soft, and small among the greatness and hardness of the mountains, mimics and observes.

I pick up stones and embrace rocks that have been eroding for centuries. Now my body adapts to them and learns from their folds, and their roughness. I become one more rolling stone, a nomad in the mountain, I am part of it, and for a thousandth of a second in the eternal life of water, I erode together with the hill. 

I was lucky to have the support and creation of Sarah Willmeroth who photographed one of the happenings.  all photographs shown below are hers.

All photos are by Sarah Willmeroth.

Video 4k 11´30´´. Austria 2022

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