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Eduardo Palomares
Eduardo Palomares
Eduardo Palomares

They fall from the sky and end up on the path I draw in gold.

In the Seagram building in New York, the most ridiculous personalities from the big apple came to have lunch. Between “Picassos” they filled their mouths with conversations choked by the tense position of their heads.  Mark Rothko was then asked by giving the restaurant a new color, a new sophistication that he declined.

In times where the economy was religion, the painter of religious emotions refused to create a space claimed to admire his work in a restaurant where the banality of the big city left diners deaf.

The banality of New York ...

The religiosity of the capital of the world ...

A path between buildings that fell from the sky was sacralized with a subway station, the fast-food stand, and the smoke from the chimneys of New Amsterdam.

In this pictorial and aesthetic religiosity, videos of the city take place projected on black velvet, sacralizing the act of looking. Creating in the viewer the most intimate gaze with the remoteness and anonymity of Manhattan. 

Accompanying this great 5-meter textile we find the relics of an installation, which as a final point shows three drawings. Maps of Manhattan and the drawn golden path that leads to the restaurant “four seasons”, which Rothko did not consecrate in painting, leaving it to the strictest devotion to capital.



Eduardo Palomares


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