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T H E  B R I D G E

Many cultures have spoken of the union of heaven and earth. In a constant interest to answer the most existential questions, the Chinese called Pan-Ku the creator who held for 18000 years the sky and the earth until they moved away from each other. The Greeks spoke of Eros or the Egyptians of Nun as the first first-born ocean. 
In all formulas of understanding creation, we remain between heaven and earth, as wanderers of a world that marks our beginning and our end of the road to travel. But it is our body that sustains the conceptual unity of it all, our presence is the bridge between the earthly and the divine, the verticality that unites the beginning where we are born and the end where we die. 

In the bridge, I find that point where water, earth, and wind build a bridge that unites my presence with theirs. In Lanzarote, an island that was born from the interior of the earth, the water breaks the rocks and my body breaks the horizon of the earth. Drawing a vertical connection between the elements and my existence.

Performance. The Bridge. 2021. Lanzarote, Spain.

Video 4K - 5´28´´

Video editing - Eduardo Palomares. 

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