Eduardo Palomares © 2020



Paths are the representation of the movement of someone through a place. In these two digital prints two paths are shown, they both come from google maps data which gives to each user the possibility to see on the map where he or she have been. The ephemeral act of walking becomes information and is used by the artist to show his personal ways, exposing where he has been and when, he creates a series of pilgrimages which talk about how we understand maps, the movement of humans, and how we expose our information to be controlled.

Series of screen prints: 

 "2.02.2019 Milan: Garbagnate Milanese - Via Varese -Porta Garibladi - Restaurant Pizzeria Maruzzela - Istituto dei ciechi di Milano."

"2.01.2019 Madrid: Calle la Cañada - Av. Leganés Mcdonald´s - Calle Aliso, Aldea del Fresno."