Digital prints.

“The sea over Spain”

“The sea over Italy”

“The sea over Germany”

Eduardo Palomares
Eduardo Palomares

Without name, without coast, without relief and without plain, just a few remember, almost none was there. Maybe it never existed, maybe it was all a lie lost among a thousand of blue papers

From here, from there... from when it was a here, and a whole. Maybe we were never a whole.

The line that separated the sea is the same one that I always drew ... perhaps is the sea that whole? Water, Akvo in Esperanto ... another forgetting of wet papers. Aha, wet! or pulverized ...

The documents are gray.

They are not!





Eduardo Palomares

The sea over Europe

pilgrimages to nowhere


Federico García Lorca's writing of his suffering in the most insignificant spaces of New York City, makes me be an artist.


Digital prints. 

“Pilgrimage to nowhere, Milan”.

“Duomo in blue”

“Duomo in Purple”

 “Pilgrimage to nowhere, NY”

Eduardo Palomares
Eduardo Palomares
Eduardo Palomares

Paths are the representation of the movement of someone through a place. In these digital prints two paths are shown, they both come from google maps data which gives to each user the possibility to see on the map where he or she has been. The ephemeral act of walking becomes information and is used by the artist to show his personal ways, exposing where he has been and when, he creates a series of pilgrimages which talk about how we understand maps, the movement of humans, and how we expose our information to be controlled.

Series of screenprints: 

 "2.02.2019 Milan: Garbagnate Milanese - Via Varese -Porta Garibladi - Restaurant Pizzeria Maruzzela - Istituto dei ciechi di Milano."

"2.01.2019 Madrid: Calle la Cañada - Av. Leganés Mcdonald´s - Calle Aliso, Aldea del Fresno."


Walking I found various forms of thinking, of people, groups and subgroups, forms of walking, of shouting and speaking, of looking and observing. Experiences in forms ... form ... yes, again form. The form over here the form over there. I love the form, I am excited about movement, I would like to be formed and not be silent.


Well, I was saying… the form in which I walked, in which I spoke of time, of the ugly sculpture in the museum square, the form lost me between avenues where I found questions and architects, tiles and the ground, terraces and sky, “cañas” and Malasaña, Aperol and Sara, my way.


Yes, I am that walking that speaking, conversing, criticizing, that looks and admires, drinks and dances, I am the “Reina Sofia”, “La Argumusa”, I am the perfect form of the ANTI-FORM, I am the movement, and today, I am not.


Maps have been used by humans to describe places, organize territories, borders, define paths, and understand where we live and how.

Today the big technology companies organize our daily life in different fields, and where we have been, is the information of their studies and control.

June and May 2016. A series of 16 drawings in where I have walked. 2018. 21 x 29,5

Junio 2016. 06.01.2016 06.02.2016 06.03.2016 06.03.2016 06.04.2016 06.05.2016 06.06.2016

06.07.2016 06.08.2016 06.09.2016 06.10.2016 06.11.2016 

06.12.2016 06.13.2016 06.14.2016 06.15.2016 06.16.2016 06.17.2016 06.18.2016 06.19.2016 06.20.2016 

06.20.2016 06.21.2016 06.22.2016 06.23.2016 06.24.2016 06.25.2016 06.26.2016 06.27.2016 06.28.2016

01.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

02.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

03.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

04.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

05.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

06.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

07.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

08.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

09.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

10.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

11.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

12.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

14.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

13.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

16.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

15.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

18.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

17.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

20.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

19.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

21.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

22.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares Eduardo Palomares

24.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

23.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

25.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

26.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

27.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares

28.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares


the ephemeral act of walking turns to a transcendental 




They fall from the sky and end up on the path I draw in gold.

In the Seagram building in New York, the most ridiculous personalities from the big apple came to have lunch. Between “Picassos” they filled their mouths with conversations choked by the tense position of their heads.  Mark Rothko was then asked by giving the restaurant a new color, a new sophistication that he declined.

In times where the economy was religion, the painter of religious emotions refused to create a space claimed to admire his work in a restaurant where the banality of the big city left diners deaf.

The banality of New York ...

The religiosity of the capital of the world ...

A path between buildings that fell from the sky was sacralized with a subway station, the fast-food stand, and the smoke from the chimneys of New Amsterdam.

In this pictorial and aesthetic religiosity, videos of the city take place projected on black velvet, sacralizing the act of looking. Creating in the viewer the most intimate gaze with the remoteness and anonymity of Manhattan. 

Accompanying this great 5-meter textile we find the relics of an installation, which as a final point shows three drawings. Maps of Manhattan and the drawn golden path that leads to the restaurant “four seasons”, which Rothko did not consecrate in painting, leaving it to the strictest devotion to capital.





23°45’22.4”N 173°50’40.6”E

The Vertical Kingdoms are thousands of islands that stretch across the wide Pacific Ocean. Founded in 1616 after the independence of the kingdom of Castille, they were formed into a hierarchical political system, under the supreme command of the Vertical Order.

Fiction has been written, translated, and spoken through history. Reality has been written, translated, and spoken through history. Is my reality the fiction of others? History is that social construction that like religion and money is one more created concept that we trust as a society. History is spoken, translated, written ...We are the reality that tomorrow will not exist, that tomorrow will be fiction.

V E R T I C A L  K I N G D O M S




42°49’56.1”N 158°22’46.0”W



The island of Asunción in the Pacific, drawing according to 1789 manuscript

ink on paper 171 x 121


22°44’17.5”S 135°11’58.1”W

11.06.2016 Eduardo Palomares