In Eduardo Palomares´s artistic creation, he walks a path that covers all possible forms of space. Space that we defined by human movements and actions. The proximity to the most distant idea of divinity in a religious altar, the immensity of the narrow arteries of a city, the straight line that separates two geographical irregularities, or a body lost in an unknown scene. Eduardo translates those constructions and social interactions into a poetical and aesthetical statement that involves past, present, and future contexts.



2020: Seidenstraße 12345. Group exhibition. Gaertner Stiftung, Munich, Germany.

2020: Night.  Video projection in the main facade of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München. Munich. Germany

2020 The CaveGroup exhibition in a virtual space created and curated by Merlin Stadler.

2019 Akvo Inauguration. Group Performance, Galerie Foe, Munich, Germany.

2019 Universal data exploration of our digital presenceBiennale of Contemporary Art 2019 MaCaM, Beirut, Lebanon.

2019 Generation´19. 17 Video Portraits. Berlin Art Week, Studio Jorinde Voigt, Berlin, Germany.

2019 Karl & Faber Preis der Stiftung Kunstakademie München, Group Exhibition Munich, Germany

2019 UntitledSpace Nouvelle, Innsbruck, Austria.

2018 Jorinde Voigt und Meisterschüler, The inverse Narrative

group exhibition, Städtische Galerie Eichenmüllerhaus, Lemgo, Germany.

2018 Alpha Centauri and the Ocarinas. Group Performance, curated by Manuela Illera. Lange Nacht in Minna Thiel. Munich, Germany

2016 What people do for money, Zunfthaus Voltair. Manifesta11, Bienal Zurich, Switzerland.

2016 Notel Prinzregent, group exhibition, Hotel Prinzregent, Munich. Germany

2016 Polyphon, Group exhibition, Katholische Akademie in Bayern, Munich. Germany

2015 Controlled flow, Group performance Labor/ Leonrod Haus Munich. Germany

2014 The olive tree has died / Los olivos han muerto, Group Installation Faculty of fine arts Madrid. Spain

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 JAHRESAUSSTELLUNG Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich, Germany.



Cabaret der Künstler Zunfthaus Voltair. Joint-ventures performances. Zurich, 2018 ISBN: 978-3-033-06351-8

Notel  Prinzregent. Munich, 2017  ISBN: 978-3-932934-37-7














 Eduardo Palomares

 Atelier, Akademiestr. 2-4 Munich, Germany



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